As a woman of substance, beauty, and intelligence I am well-suited for honest and curious minds who prefer in-depth encounters. I exclusively accommodate individuals who desire to spend quality time with a timeless, inviting, and vibrant confidante. As a true habitué who's been admiring from afar take that leap and treat yourself to my unforgettable and sensational world. Take in this moment and enjoy getting to know your new captivating muse... I look forward to spending some time by your side and embarking on many unforgettable adventures. XOXO



"The more light you allow within you the brighter the world you live in will be"

~Shakti Gawain


"Your soul deserves, the stars, the sky, & soft love"




5’5 | 120lbs | 32D | 24” waist
Student | Model | Exotic Dancer
Amazing long toned legs.
Dark brown bedroom eyes.
A warm smile that lights up the whole room.
Smooth glowing skin

 Long natural dark brown hair
The most perfect apple butt!

If we have not had the pleasure of meeting, I am a well admired boudoir and travel muse with a tropical and exotic flair. I'm in my late twenties, but consider myself an old soul. I am known for my petite curves, seductive magnetism, witty conversation, and zest for life. I believe in being genuine, bringing out the best in others, and hold a down to earth quality.

I'm articulate and accommodating to any occasion with elegance and grace turning heads in the most favorable way. Some of my interests include: Reading (my favorite classic is "Of Mice & Men"), learning more about healing crystals & collecting authentic crystal pieces (jewelry & art), painting, visiting museums, make-up artistry & skin care, traveling, and cooking. I enjoy well crafted coffee and wine. I tend to gravitate towards Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir. I also have a deep love for music (played the clarinet growing up & was in marching band). I fancy Motown artists, 80's music, & Jazz. Sade, Stevie Nicks, and Lana Del Rey are a few of my favorite singers/songwriters.


I adore connecting with those that are kindhearted, well-rounded, and humorous. A refreshment for suitors who would enjoy indulging in someone sensual, assertive, and open minded. I take great joy in knowing I provide an unforgettable and relaxed experience that leaves us eager for are next soirée.


Looking forward to your smile...

Chanelle Banks


Fueled by fine wine created with ღ